Family Separation Actions

March On Canada along with their affiliate cities are calling upon the Canadian government to demand that the U.S. end child detention and family separation, to reunite the families that have been separated, and for Canada to end the Safe Third Country Agreement, which makes it extremely difficult for refugees from the United States to cross over to Canada through land border crossings.

In our June 30th events, we will be acknowledging Canada’s role in separating families, through the history of residential schools, the 60’s Scoop, and the continued practice of removing children from Indigenous families and placing them into foster care. In addition, we must examine our country’s own treatment of refugee children.

Please check our facebook and your local city’s facebook for more information on what event you can attend and group to support. There are many who are doing the work already, we are here to amplify that work.


March On Canada evolved out of the Canadian Women’s March movement and was formed in February 2017 by a coalition of organizers responsible for leading the Canadian Women’s March in cities and towns across Canada. It is a continuation of the work our leaders did preparing for January 21, 2017, when a worldwide, grassroots movement came together to build communities that advocate for and uphold equality, diversity, and inclusion. March On Canada uses online platforms, grassroots local chapters, and cross-sector initiatives to advance women’s rights as human rights.

As a global movement, Women’s March coalitions emerged in 673 events around the world in 85 countries for the first Global Women’s March held on January 21, 2017. Canada is the only country outside the USA that created a network of Marches — 140,000 people marched from coast to coast to coast, in over 40 communities.

March On Canada invites individuals and organizations committed to equality, diversity, and intersectionality, inclusion and those who understand women’s rights as human rights to join our local grassroots groups in representing the rights and voices of progressive people in Canada and around the world.

March On Canada is building and empowering a national network and voice for Canadian women, while collaborating with a lasting global network as it forms, and we hope to support future global campaigns and actions in support of progressive values, including women’s rights.