Statement on Anti-Semitism

March On Canada is releasing the following statement in regards to the disturbing associations of some of the co-chairs of Women’s March Inc to anti-Semitic groups, as well as the failure of all the four co-chairs (Bob Bland, Tamika Mallory, Carmen Perez, and Linda Sarsour) to disassociate themselves from the hateful tradition of anti-Semitism —

“We, as members of March On Canada, strongly denounce any individual or organization who supports the increasingly hateful rhetoric regarding the Jewish people. In today’s world, we must celebrate the diversity of our communities. We must be firm that our steadfast and unwavering commitment to inclusion must include our Jewish sisters, brothers and neighbours. It is unacceptable that the leaders of Women’s March Incorporated are normalizing anti-Semitism under the guise of the progressive movement. Requests from fellow activists asking Women’s March Incorporated to denounce anti-Semitism have been met with silence. In our view, that silence equals complicity.

We feel it’s of the utmost importance to speak out to show our solidarity with Jewish communities around the world in their fight against this discrimination.

March On Canada will not support ANY women’s movement that allows anti-Semitism to take place at the leadership level — or any level whatsoever. We welcome all those who wish to continue the good work of grassroots feminist organizing in a space of inclusion and acceptance.”

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Gillian Sonin, Montréal, Quebec
Samantha Monckton, Vancouver, British Columbia
Alison Poste, Edmonton, Alberta
Shannan Little, Lethbridge, Alberta
Bodil Geyer, Vancouver, British Columbia
Paula Kirman, Edmonton, Alberta
Bianca Spence, Toronto, Ontario
Barbara Bedont, Montréal, Quebec
Penelope Chester, Toronto